Biblical Fundraising


My philosophy is driven by growing generous stewards through deeper relationships. This is a core value that all organizations should explore. Thunderbird consulting can help your leadership have this conversation.

The book Growing a Givers Heart by Thomas H. Jeavons and Rebekah Burch Basinger presents well, my thoughts not only on fundraising but on organizational culture. The following points give you the key theories discussed:

  • Seek to involve donors with the ministry in ways that help their hearts grow.
  • See giving as an opportunity, not an obligation.
  • Create opportunities for donors to follow their gifts and for them to experience the “blessing that issues from generosity”.
  • The organization’s mission must be an extension of the organization’s desire to have every aspect of their work embody the Institutions spiritual values.
  • The act of giving – elicited and received in the right way, is an act of grace and this faith can be a powerful occasion for growth.
  • An organization must create a ministry-centered environment that is free to let donors follow their hearts.
  • We will create a ministry-centered environment that is free to share resources and wisdom with other ministries.
  • We will create a ministry-centered environment that is free to rejoice in the triumphs of other ministries.

Capital Campaigns

Capital Campaigns are a great way to expand your organization’s reach but, can also create, if not done in a very systematic way, more problems than it solves. Leadership recruitment, strategy, and timing are essential components of a successful campaign. A feasibility study is also a key piece to a campaign’s success. Thunderbird Consulting can help with all of these pieces. Every campaign is different so preliminary conversations need to take place before determining the level of our engagement. These conversations are offered with no fees attached. If we determine that you are not ready for a campaign, we will be honest and offer our suggestions as to how to get ready.

Appeal Letters

            Appeal letters can take many forms and over the years, numerous philosophies have been utilized. Thunderbird Consulting can help develop letters and appeals the fit your organizations culture.

Estate Planning

            Estate planning is a very complicated area of fundraising and Thunderbird Consulting can help direct you with the expertise you need.


            Thunderbird Consulting can help with fundraising dinners and tournaments of many kinds.

Annual Fund

            Annual fund fundraising is essential to all non-profits and can take many different approaches. Thunderbird Consulting can help with this type of fundraising but will need to understand your organization before an approach can be determined.

“Having raised millions of dollars in his various non-profit executive positions, Greg possesses the dynamic personality, skill, understanding, empathy and compassion to be a leader as a consultant in the fund-raising industry.”

Rev. Carolyn Cranston
Director of Alumnae/i and Church Relations Pittsburgh Theological Seminary