Leadership/Board Development


Developing and recruiting a leadership team that is designed to move your organization forward is a critical piece to your success. Just adding people with servant hearts and who say yes, rarely leads to fulfilling your organizations potential. We will work with a matrix, that you determine, and build your leadership team in a way that fits your Mission and Vision.

This is an important process as it will determine the skills you need to fulfill your mission and that helps you identify individuals that possess those skills. When Greg was on the national training staff for the YMCA of the USA he taught boards and leaders these technics, so he is experienced in helping new and existing boards work through this important area.

We’ve all heard about “rubber stamp” boards. This can be a very comfortable place to be if you’re the staff.  When organizations die on the vine the volunteer leadership staff have usually become complacent due to lack of healthy conflict and dialog. I don’t mean having an adversarial relationship, I mean having a healthy conversation that leads to forward momentum.

This culture is intentional and does not happen by accident. Greg has seen the good and the bad of this and been through it both as a leader and as a team member. Intentional, well-organized Volunteer leadership is essential to the mission of your organization.

Thunderbird Consulting can help.

“Working with Greg you will find clarity and peace of mind about the future of your organization. His decades of experience leading teams of people to success is apparent in your first conversation.”

Kaytie Fiedler, President
Epic Events Global