Mission Vision and Strategic Planning

If you are looking to establish a firm, executable plan for the future, Thunderbird Consulting can help. We will take you through a Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats analysis to determine core values and establish your Mission and Vision. From there we will create 3-5 Goals that will focus your work for a determined time frame.

Once the Goals are established a set of Objectives and Measurable Outcomes will be agreed upon. We will also discuss how to embed this plan into employee’s job descriptions and performance reviews. It is suggested that a diverse group, one that represents all areas/departments of your organization, be selected for this work. Including just top-level leadership, gives you just that, top-level leadership perspective.

This is not a time to be afraid of what is said, it is a time to hear from all levels of the organization, by-in will be critical to the success of the plan. This process normally takes 8-10 hours of work, ideally over a two-day period. Thunderbird Consulting will then provide a complete written report that you can use to move forward.

Successful plans become a part of the culture of an organization, too many times the hard work is completed and the plan gathers dust on the shelf. To ensure this does not happen we will be available for counsel at any time during the first year and provide a 6 and 12 months check-in (with no additional fees) to ensure you are moving forward towards your goals.

At the one year mark, we will spend some time to determine if you want to adjust the plan and add an additional year(s) to it. One of Thunderbird Consulting’s core values is to be a long-term partner with you as you grow and serve.

I’m here to help.

“The Hawthorne Boulevard Business Association is better organized and focused for success following the Strategic Planning Program conducted by Greg Moon as a loaned executive of HBBA member, Western Seminary. Any organization that values good planning will find his work game changing. THANKS Greg, from all of the parties which benefit from your foresight and leadership.”

Roger Jones
Past President HBBA